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The above is a bumper sticker you can peel from your computer screen and attach to your car, briefcase or t-shirt. It appears on the website of our friends at Gravestmor, the web site that does for architecture what we try to do for art.

“Every year thousands of young aspiring architects travel through Spain and as sure as the diagonal meets the sea (finally) they wind up in Barcelona. They get lost in the Gothic Quarter, they marvel at Cerda’s grid, they navigate the city efficiently and easily. Then the rest of us hear about it for The-Rest-Of-Our-Goddamn-Lives.”

Although describing a situation plaguing young and impressionable architects, the Australia Council’s Barcelona studio is producing artists who go all weak at the sight of late night tapas bars and the works of Antonio Tapies and Miro. Luckily, Gravestmor are offering a twelve step program that’ll help Barcelona-afflicted artists.

We received an email from Lionel Bawden who tipped us off to an artist’s web site that’s a little different:

Neil Roberts was a bloody good artist and awesome sculptor, based in Queenbeyan, who unfortunately died a few years back. His partner- the performance artist Barbara Campbell – worked on making this site in the last few years and it is really inspiring with loads of work some incredibly poetic, some whimsical, some very emotive and sublime work. I’m sure people would find Neil’s site/work inspiring. Barbara and co. worked bloody hard on it so more eyes connecting to it would be great. I enjoy visiting it repeatedly.

The web site can be visited here and we’ve added it tour permanent list of sites. As ever, we’re looking for web sites of Australian artists, well known or unknown, working in any medium for inclusion on the list. Leave suggestions in the Comments section below or email us.

If you will indulge us for a moment, we discovered that The Art Life is now the number one return on Google if you search “The Art Life”. Thanks to all our friends who’ve linked to us – and all the readers who’ve visited us – we’ve skyrocketed from the obscurity of page sixteen to number one. If you search for us without the quotes, we’re fourth after the Chicano Art Life , but that’s still some pretty shit, esse!

The Art Life

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