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Corporate blogs – who needs ‘em? The ABC, apparently, and who would have ever thought that they have their own arts blog puningly titled Articulate? Like Fairfax [the publishing wing of the ABC], a blog or two adds a frisson of edgy naughtiness to a staid and dull corporate monolith. Articulate’s links have to be seen to be believed but they have a good story on The Museum of Particularly Bad Art. Who gets paid to create content like that?

Artist’s web sites, on the other hand, are a labor of love and range from static home page style place holders to complex multi-page monsters.
Louisa Bufardeci
, an artist whose work is featured in the most recent ‘City’ themed issue of Photofile, is probably unique in that her web site’s main page does not contain any images at all – just links! Deidre But-Husaim’s web site is the opposite, featuring one of her [hubba-huba-owwww-ooooooh!!!] bathing beauties right there on her main page. Van Sowerwine has a very nicely designed web site that’s also up to date – a rarity among artist sites. Most designers seem to think that “news” is a good subject category to add to artist web sites but it looks really bad if there hasn’t been any news since October 2004. Both Husaim and Sowerwine’s sites are tip toppingly up to date.

We would have thought the Situation blog would have slipped quietly into the night after the end of the MCA show for which it was created but a spirited debate [possibly also a flame war] has sprung up between old guard revolutionaries, post modernist slackers and anarcho-ARI-refuseniks. This thing could run and run. Pick a side.

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