We Are The Rulers of Australia!

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Your mind, to my mind…

Stroke our fur, admire our beauty and feed us nothing but compliments! The Art Life has been in charge for ten years now and we have been celebrating by reading all our press clippings. God, we’re just so great, it’s hard to believe that it’s us they’re talking about! People often ask us how we’ve managed to stay on top for so long – has it been our sound, sensible fiscal policies, our common touch that allows us to implicitly understand the needs of the middle class, or is it our ability to confuse matters so much that even when it looks like we’re about to be unseated, people just shake their heads and say ‘there’s no way we can prove it’? The truth is some of that, but really, TEAM Art Life have prospered and grown by simply redefining the debate to suit our needs. It also helps to put your hands over your ears and go “lalalalalala I can’t hear you!” We are the rulers of the art world, of Australia and your mind. How does it feel?!!

The Art Life

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