Archibald Winner 2007

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Here we are, once again, at the rough end of the Archibald season – the only time of the year when we stick our necks out and make the big call. In the absence of the SMHs traditional form guide, The Art Life proudly gives punters our completely subjective assessment. This year, however, there can only be one.

McLean Edwards, Martin Browne

Pros: After Edwards’ close call with last year’s difficult and odd portrait of Cate Blanchett, this painting is far more accessible while still being just as adventurous. It’s his second shot with a protrait of his dealer but for this one Edwards reins in the quirky stuff. All the traditional skills are there to be seen – composition, colour, background – and the radical contemporary stuff as well – composition, colour,background.

Cons: Have the Trustees finally forgotten the ill-fated guest lecture?

Percentage Chance of Win: 99.999999999% *

* All percentages quoted exist only in perfect world.

Andrew Frost

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