New Work Friday #61

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From top: Will Nolan, Hot Foot [2010], Raspberry Red [2010] and Shanghai [2010]

Everything is Melting, and its [photographic] depiction of melting ice blocks, evokes the nostalgic memory of childhood but remains as a quiet reminder of the inescapable future of decay and death. The work explores the essence of transformation, harking back to the various incarnations of the evertold allegory of death and rebirth. However, there is a block of time missing somewhere between the ideal object and it’s morose demise. It is this missing space – the time in between – that becomes an overwhelming force in Will Nolan’s work. As viewers we have learned to see the object for what it once was, rather than for how it is depicted in the present… The majority of Nolan’s narrative exists not in what is present in the images, but what has existed or occurred outside of them….. What we see are the bones of something that once lived. But the images, though pensive, are not objects of mourning. Indeed, the new form, in its entirely different state, is still undeniably alive. It is full of colour that seeps and moves like blood through veins. There is life after death. It is ghost- like and translucent, but vibrant; alive with a new energy and an unpredictable movement. In embracing the passing of time Will Nolan’s photography becomes a celebration of the silent moments in between and the beauty of memory and unknowing.’ (Lauren Tomczak, ‘Everything is Melting’ Catalogue Essay, 2010).” – Will Nolan.

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