New Work Friday #69

New Work Nov 26, 2010 1 Comment

From top: Steve Tyerman, Bulldozer, Cultural Landscape, Circle of Life and Wasteland.

“These works are a part of my upcoming show, the exhibition is called ‘Wasteland’ and the body of work is fundamentally about man and the landscape, a collision of mankind and his environment. Most of the works can be viewed as landscapes, but of a type that reflects modern society and is shaped by the way we live, one that is buried underneath the remnants of our materialistic inclinations. This is a fast-paced, consumerist, throw-away world, full of waste and neglect, but also full of colour, beauty, variety, choice, creativity, opportunity and joy. I wanted these paintings to resonate with the power of all of these elements” Steve Tyerman.

Got new work you’d like to share? Send images [no larger than 500x500px and 350k each] and a short statement about the work to: the art life at hotmail dot com. If you’d like to co-ordinate a New Work submission with the opening of an exhibition please send your work at least four weeks in advance.

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