Cementa 13 Program Launched

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The full program for Cementa 13 has just been released with four days of exhibitions, events, workshops, activities [bring your pushbike] and talks… Speaking of which, The Art Life will be conducting two talks at The Railway Hotel.

Saturday February 2nd, 2pm – 3pm
It’s Isn’t Just About Me: The Personal Is Public
With Andrew Frost and C13 artists David Capra, Connie Anthes and Amanda Hills.

Art practices founded on personal aesthetic responses to the world invariably find their way back into the world via exhibitions and other media. The Art Life’s Andrew Frost discusses the work of three C13 artists and their thoughts on turning the personal out into the public.

Saturday February 2nd, 3pm – 4pm
Treat Us Like a Lady: Community Engagement & Contemporary Practice
With Carrie Miller and C13 artists.

Much contemporary art claims a wider relevance in social and political issues. But does contemporary art have an effective role to play in the real world beyond hot topics and de jour political talking points? The Art Life’s Carrie Miller moderates a discussion that challenges the orthodoxies of the contemporary art world.

Come along and enjoy the vibe. In the meantime click here for the full program in PDF form.

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