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“Step into another world and discover a collection of art works which explore the randomly silly visions that artist, Erica Gray calls her imagination. A mad zone of creatures crafted in rubber, wool and PVC, this exhibition displays a series of soft sculptures with fleshy forms, spiky armour and renderings in cloth and paint. Rubber gloves, sharp teeth and other pointy bits draws from the heart of Gray’s creative style. With the use of doll parts, sharp teeth and spiky forms, the artist aims to inspire and ignite the viewer’s imagination. She invites us into a world that is wild and eccentric, one normally kept firmly hidden away in the mind’s closet or beneath the bed. This is an exhibition that celebrates a fantastical world of colour, claws, horns, and soft udders. As the artist says, “All the fun things your mummy warned you against.”

Erica Gray, Rubber gloves, sharp teeth and other pointy bits.

Erica Gray is represented by Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery at

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