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Please touch: ‘tactile’ at Penrith Regional Gallery

“For now, the gallery rules have changed: ‘please don’t touch’ does not apply. Reach out and gently, carefully, delicately make contact.”

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Transformations through time: Paul White’s iconic realities

“My process became a meditation not only on the image but also personally; a way of dealing with, slowing down and processing the world around me.”

Tunes for Tuesday: Excerpt-T

‘Treatise’ is re-imagined through the prism of a machine dreaming.

Modernism Monday #15

Flippant Flurry

New Work Friday #236

“Combining the elements of raw beauty in nature from capture to print…”

Louise Zhang: Hungry Ghosts

“Art World Eats Its Young!”. I thought it was fantastic as it certainly feels true to me …in a laughably sad sort of way…”

Modernism Monday #14

Andre Masson, L’ombre de l’Herbe, 1957

Old Work Friday #12

Henry Draper’s 1880 photograph of the Orion Nebula, the first ever taken.

But Wait There’s More #16

“LA investigates the sounds themselves…’

New York Postcard: Layered Realities

“Up high, on the ground, the tags are all over Brooklyn and Manhattan.”