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New York Postcard: Handmade Pictures
New York Postcard: Handmade Space Age

Constructions of extreme physical and narrative depth.

New York Postcard: Busted Viewfinders

Pictures of things.

New York Postcard: The Uncaged Bird

George Shaw reports from an exotic sounding place…

New York Postcard: USA Idioms

From George Shaw, in New York, New York, Land of the Free… 

A Floating Life: Navigating Bingyi’s Literary Maze

“A true polymath: an art historian with a doctorate from Yale, she has composed operas and ballets, made films, incorporated her knowledge of science and engineering into her artworks, and recently started a school for young artists and activists in Beijing.”

Dan Bell and the End of Everything

One of the most curious aspects of Dan Bell’s YouTube videos is just how watchable they are…

New York Postcard: Paradoxical Images

“AI training libraries, machine readable landscapes, and images made by computers for themselves, without human creators…”

New York Postcard: Revealing the Beauty of Daily Objects

George Shaw returns with a series of art postcards from the city than can’t sleep…

Overheard at the Fair | Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2017

“His penis is this big!”