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It’s in the numbers

Carrie Miller considers the possibility of mathematically determined taste…

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Ten Art Apps: Part 1

Sharne Wolff considers the best art related apps for mobile devices…

Cyber-bludging with The Art Life

Tired of MySpace? Fed up with FaceBook? Looking for something that will waste time until the coffee break? Just relax and enjoy… We get sent a lot of links to artist sites and blogs and one of the most interesting

Help Skanky Jane to Help You To Help Skanky Jane to Help You To Help Skanky Jane to…

Skanky Jane of the world-famous Skanky Jane’s Ruses of Pleasure blog has written to The Art Life to announce the birth of her latestblogging project – Skanky Jane’s Bargain Box. It’s a project that welcomes all visual art themed contributions.

Blog Kameraden

Blog Kameraden

Media , Weblife Aug 14, 2007

“Tunnel – self portrait – is part of a series that focuses on the notion of stranger in a strange place; the challenges and outcomes of spending time in new and foreign lands. I am interested in exploring concepts of

Test Results: Crazy In The Coconut

Fig 1. A week or so ago we offered our readers the chance to assess their personalities with our FREE NO OBLIGATION PERSONALITY TEST. All you had to do was answer truthfully each of the 50 questions selected to assess

Mash Up Goes Mainstream

10 Things I Hate About Commandments, by Mike Dow, via Youtube.

While You Were Out

Art making juggernauts ahoy.

Web Dings #5

Web Dings #5

Weblife Jul 02, 2004

For your browsing pleasure…

Web Dings #3

Web Dings #3

Weblife Jun 11, 2004

The way blogs work is that if someone notices you, you should notice them back. The Art Life celebrated a big week last week, sailing well over 460 hits in two days and we have in large part to thank