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Dan Bell and the End of Everything

One of the most curious aspects of Dan Bell’s YouTube videos is just how watchable they are…

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Decookolisation | Work

Having a Captain Cook.

Shinehead | Billie Jean

Careful what you do…

Delia Derbyshire | Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO

No sampling, no computers, nothing except tape and primitive electronic sound generators.

The Art Life Podcast Special – Nick Cave

In mid-November the Art Life’s Andrew Frost spoke with US artist Nick Cave in front of a live audience of 800 people at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Osunlade ft. Erro | Everything In Its Right Place

Everything, everything, everything, everything…

LCD Soundsystem | Miles Davis | New York I Love You | Elevator to the Gallows

Like a rat in a cage, earning minimum wage…

Stereolab | John Cage Bubblegum

C’est le plus beau, Et c’est le plus triste

Ras G | Live from SpaceBase Vol. 1

i play stuff i love that i think u might love

Star Wars | Imperial March [10 Hours]