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Art Life Radio: Houston, We Have A Problem

Our promised online audio of last Tuesday’s appearance on Eastside Radio will have to wait another week as we have encountered a major technical difficulty – the tape is blank! We’ll advise our readers next week of our next Eastside

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“21 January 1965. Francois Truffaut wrote: ‘There will be as many literary references in Fahrenheit 451 as in all of Jean-Luc’s eleven films put together.’” Sarsaparilla “On the Parisian front, there have been a couple of articles lately about the

How Typical

How Typical

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2006

What people don’t understand is that you are a passionate about art. Sure, when you were younger you let your head go for some fashionable nonsense but that was just a passing phase. Pretty quickly you realised that the immutable

Art Life Radio

TEAM Art Life will be making the first of a series of weekly appearances on Eastside Radio‘s Arts Tuesday program. The show kicks off at the ungodly, unartly hour of 9.30am and can be heard by tuning your radio receiver

I > AM > A > DIRTY > RO > BOT

There are a lot of things we have been planning to do. Some of them have been stymied by technology, others haven’t happened for logistical reasons. For example, how could we work a link Dorian Lynskey’s musical map of the

One Night Only

A highly subjective view of David Lawry and Jaki Middleton’s installation… There’s this gallery. It’s in Alexandria, in an old building. Some artists also live in the building and have their studios there too. They thought it would be a

100 Promises for The Art World

Artists agreeing to Art Life terms. I _____________________ undertake the following: 1. I will never exhibit my art in a homewares store. 2. I will never agree to do a painting in the street just for money. 3. I promise

You Read It Here Last!

The word is out and the fix is in! The Australian artists being sent away to the Venice Biennale in 2007 is a Sydney-Melbourne love-in: Callum Morton, Daniel “Danny” Von Sturmer and Susan Norrie. Speaking to Virginia Trioli on ABC

Just Beautiful

Nothing beats quality. You can feel it when you walk into a shop that sells expensive items, arranged just so, under special lights, perhaps with music playing somewhere in the background and [this being the future] the rich scent of

From The Sublime…

The art world is swirling miasma of disinformation. There are always wild rumours circulating through its flyways and byways. For example – is it really true that Shaun Gladwell is about to be announced as Australia’s artist for the 2007