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Traditions, Tensions and Transformations: 4 Hong Kong artists

Guest blogger Luise Guest takes us on a guided tour of the studios of some of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary artists…

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Postcard from Bilbao

Sharne Wolff has a fine old time walking through Spain while building incredible calf muscles and art appreciation skills along the way…

Alternative Histories at Exit Art

Din Heagney, The Art Life International’s roving good will ambassador, writes from New York on a show about shows…

Postcard: New York

The Art Life’s roving international editor Din Heagney writes from the city that never sleeps [and other New York cliches…]…

Swedish Surprise

Stockholm is a beautiful city where bars are plentiful and alcohol is served with breakfast.

Hello Sweden

Vodka is best served chilled.

Beijing Postcard

From Vienna Parreno Fake Fakes & Real Fakes I spent the second to last weekend of my Redgate residency arting & cramicking at the market – except most of the ceramic pieces the locals were hawking were probably made a