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TAL International Nov 03, 2010 4 Comments

This is what happens when you Google the word “Sweden”…

Greetings. In a recent email that I was sure was a hoax an invitation arrived asking if I’d like to attend the Absolut Art Awards in Stockholm, Sweden. The offer went like this: we’ll fly you to Sweden Business Class and we’ll pay for your accommodation. We’ll provide you with complimentary vodka on arrival and then we’ll take you to a sumptuous feast on the first night as part of the award ceremony. The award is being given to Rirkrit Tiravanija who, in the company of Daniel Birnbaum, will be also providing an art work dinner the following evening. They also offered to take guests on a tour of their corporate art collection as well as the chance to attend a screening of the film I’m Here, a creative collaboration between Spike Jonze and Absolut Vodka. There would also be the opportunity to interview Tiravanija and various Absolut bigwigs. So what was I to do in return? The answer came – you can write about the event on your blog. That’s it? Yes. I had to ask myself some serious questions – do I like vodka? Easy answer – yes I do. Do I like free and comfortable international travel? Certainly, yes. Would I like to cover the event for The Art Life? Sha. And so I find myself leaving on a jet plane for Sweden where I will report on the award and associated events. It’ll be a tough job. Please stand by…

Andrew Frost


  1. nicole

    after all that they are giving you, how much pressure do you feel to write something positive about the event and Absolut Vodka on your blog……? Rate it between say between 1 and 10????

    About 5.0 but that will probably go up to 7.9 or even 8.1 after a few of their refreshing and reasonably priced spirits -AF

  2. Din Heagney

    I just met the events organiser for Absolut in New York…ah yeh…they are actually more beautiful than in the photos and really lovely people who are genuinely interested in a good time, uh, i mean art…

  3. Just a little warning..I came to Sweden for 2 weeks, 2 years ago…….

  4. T

    Have you not already fulfilled your part of the bargain?

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