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Outsider Becoming Insider

What’s is an outsider artist anyway? asks Carrie Miller

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I’m with you, stupid

Carrie Miller offers some advice to easily offended artists – get over it and make some money from collectors who love their art… The documentary on the recently opened Museum of Old & New Art that screened this week on

Fancy a Vostok?

Yours to own, a piece of space technology, slightly worn, many miles on the clock…

Millennial Slippage

Din Heagney visits the Melbourne Art Fair, drinks champagne, gives sound art-investment advice and can’t get the wise words of Bill Henson out of his mind…


The Art Life’s Melbourne Affairs Editor, Din Heagney, caught up with the three founding directors of NOTFAIR — curator and writer Ashley Crawford, 2010 Archibald winner Sam Leach and fellow artist Tony Lloyd. Here is an extract from that interview…

Herald Sets Agenda, Loses Mind

You may recall last week’s discussion on The Art Life about the story of John Opit and his claims of owning a hitherto unknown painting by Paul Cezanne which he additionally claimed was worth $50 million and that it had

We Know What’s Good For You

Lawson-Menzies announced last Thursday that they would break with the solidarity of other auction houses and begin paying royalties to artists on the resale of their artworks. “We are delighted to combine a commercial venture with a tangible community benefit,”