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New York Postcard: The Living Dead

I’m not out to bury the dead; let them live, I say.

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The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of

Science fiction chews up the past and spits out the future.

Collection+ Christian Thompson

An artist of opposites.

Tracks and Traverses

“I should paint my own places best”

Greats: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland
Whispers from a band of Myth Makers | Cataracts & Waterfalls

Painting is both subject and medium.

Eyes In The Heat

“I paint to break the surface illusion of paint…”

Four Solos

Time is finite.

Mapping the Drowned World

Anaemic termite mounds, signalling a bleached and spent landscape.

Five Artists | Seven Days

Comprising almost 90 works that range from oil on canvas paintings to works on paper and sculpture, the artists have drawn inspiration from their visit to this unique environment.