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But Wait There’s More #16

“LA investigates the sounds themselves…’

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But wait there’s more #14

“Sitting at a slight angle to me, looking very slightly, thoughtfully upwards, she reminds me of a Leonardo da Vinci portrait –Lady with an Ermine (1489-90), perhaps.”

But Wait There’s More #13

The reaction to the current situation, the colours, the light or the food I had for breakfast contributes towards the action and outcome.

But Wait There’s More #12

Typical outcomes, n’est-ce pas?

But Wait There’s More #11

It’s all about me.

But Wait There’s More #9

‘It was painted by him; it was painted then, and there — note the way it diverges from his previous work… etc.’

But Wait There’s More #9

Desmond’s practice uses Super 8 film to document neglected areas of the cityscape and to expose the hidden significances of the nature found within it.

But Wait There’s More #8

Its structure acknowledges the impossibility of unconditional collaboration and the potential for non-hierarchical exchange.

But Wait There’s More #7

Their artworks establish conceptual frameworks for working with space within built environments by utilising different methods that are related to abstract qualities in artworks that are embedded in the nature of spatial and social perception.