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Special Edition

Andrew Frost clicks through the extras on the DVD release of Exit Through The Gift Shop

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Matthew Barney: No Restraint

The perhaps accidental revelation of Matthew Barney: No Restraint is that the artist comes off as a bit of a dunce…

Of Time and The City

Terence Davies’ essay film Of Time and the City shifts through public footage for private memories…

Exit through the foyer

Just who is the author of the doco Exit Through The Gift Shop wonders Michael Hutak. And does it really matter?

Painters Painting

Painters Painting

Movies Jun 04, 2010

Painters Painting is a thoughtful, sometimes amusing history of the New York art scene from the 1940s until the 1970s, writes Andrew Frost.

Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow

Anselm Kiefer left his native Germany for Barjac in the south of France where he devised an extraordinary artistic living-space: an atelier, an installation complex, an entire created landscape

Herb ‘n’ Dot

Herb ‘n’ Dot

Movies Jun 26, 2008

Herb & Dorothy Trailer, via YouTube. “Do you have to be a Medici or a Rockefeller to collect art? “Not according to Herbert and Dorothy Vogel. This documentary film tells the extraordinary story of Herb, a postal clerk, and Dorothy,

Learn to paint the Jackson Pollock way!

Excerpt from Jackson Pollock 51 by Hans Namuth and Paul Falkenberg (directors) from YouTube. If you’re viewing this post via email, click here to view.