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Images Lie

One of the biggest illusions we live under is the idea that we live ideology-free lives

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Millennial Slippage

Din Heagney visits the Melbourne Art Fair, drinks champagne, gives sound art-investment advice and can’t get the wise words of Bill Henson out of his mind…

Devine loses her mojo

It’s got to be tough being a journalist when there’s no story to report. Last night’s opening at Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Sydney of Bill Henson’s latest show has proven a disappointment for op-ed writers and lovers of salacious controversy

As Others See Us

As Others See Us

Art Life Nov 14, 2008

BILL HENSON Earlier this year, in his native Australia, because of a show of big, shadowy photographs of very young adolescents, Henson was threatened with charges of child pornography, which were subsequently dropped. A number of images from that same

Press Release: Fighting Censorship

In the interests of the dignifying debate on art and censorship, The Art Life today has taken the bold step of publishing on its blog a photo of a ball of dividing cells from the moment a zygote implanted itself

Art Monthly Makes Bold Statement

Just when you thought it was all over, Art Monthly puts out a theme issue on art and censorship and uses an image of a naked 6 year old girl by Polixeni Papapetrou on its cover… In the latest row

Henson Case Collapses

No charge over Henson’s naked kid photos “Police will not prosecute artist Bill Henson over his photographs of naked teenagers which were declared “mild and justified” by Australia’s Classification Board. “NSW police previously said it was “likely” the artist would

Seven Days In May

It’s a week since the Bill Henson controversy kicked off. With no real developments and with the police yet to lay any charges against Henson we have reached an impasse. Indeed, the same arguments have been going back and forth

Henson Round 3

Henson Round 3

Art Life May 27, 2008

Yesterday: The controversy over an exhibition of photographs of naked teens has spread to Albury, with another gallery taking down works by Bill Henson. Albury Regional Art Gallery has removed photographs of naked adolescents from its display. Bill Henson photos

Now Things Turn Uglier

Law Society backs nude child pics artist“The Law Society of NSW has backed embattled artist Bill Henson, who could face charges after police seized his latest gallery images which feature nude children. Society president Hugh Macken said he could not