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Art Life Jul 10, 2008 No Comments

In the interests of the dignifying debate on art and censorship, The Art Life today has taken the bold step of publishing on its blog a photo of a ball of dividing cells from the moment a zygote implanted itself on a uterus wall.

Although the zygote in question is currently still too young to understand the full ramifications of this decision, we feel that by exploiting these eight cells we will dignify a debate that for too long has been dominated by hysterical sections of the media clamouring for “controversy”.

A press release has been sent out to newspapers, television and current affairs programs in the hope that – by playing the media’s own game – we will be able to widen discussion.

We’re also hoping that a journalist, researcher or moral rights campaigner will trap the Prime Minister into making a comment about the morality of exploiting zygotes without seeing the image in question.

Phase two of our campaign will be the revelation that both parents of the currently healthy eight celled object are completely in favour of publishing the photo on our blog and will be available for a 9am media call on a day of the media’s choosing.

The zygote, knicknamed “Morula”, will also be available for comment in approximately 2 years.

It is our sincere hope that our decision will help widen debate on art and censorship.

Although we understand the irony of creating yet another controversy in the name of debating controversy, this irony will be overlooked and that we sincerely believe we will not alienate the rest of the art world through our act of staggering bad faith.

Art Life Editorial Team.

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