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New Work Friday #206

These works ask “when does something make sense?” – as we are never in total possession of ourself nor in total ignorance…

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1:26… the day’s already too short.

Din Heagney talks to visiting US-artist Janet Echelman about her sculptural practice, one that has moved deep into techno-collaborative waters and right across the Pacific…

A real pickle

A real pickle

Reviews Jun 28, 2011

No remote required as Andrew Frost visits a trio of new media exhibitions…

Esteemed Critic Ventures Into Blog SHOCK!

The Sydney Morning Herald’s art critic John McDonald now has his own website and blog…

Ten Art Apps: Part 1

Sharne Wolff considers the best art related apps for mobile devices…

Things, not as they seem

Debut guest blogger Meredith Birrell contemplates the things that are there and the things that aren’t there in a recent show by Mark Ryan and Yuri Shimmyo…

Does the robot know I’m in here?

On a return visit to the Gallery of Modern Art, Sharne Wolff felt the uncanny presence of a bourgeois robot…

Beyond The Edge

Some months back we posted an image by Ross Racine. After the artist got in touch to ask us to let readers know that he has new work available on his web site, we asked if he’d agree to a

New Work Friday #18

Ross Racine, Goldenwood Shores, 2009. Drawing, 60 x 80 cms. Ross Racine, Highland Farms, 2006. Drawing, 30 x 52 cms. Ross Racine, Subdivision, Cedar Valley. 2006. Drawing, 38 x 50 centimeters. “Drawn freehand directly on a computer and printed on

No Hugging, No Learning

Pepe Le Pew writes… Artexpress 2009 opened the Art Gallery of NSW. It was a gala affair despite an earlier midday starting time replete with new Ministers and special guests Ben Quilty and Del Kathryn Barton who offered pragmatic and