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Beyond the Frame

Guest blogger Luise Guest takes a look at White Rabbit’s latest exhibition Beyond The Frame..

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Matthew Barney: No Restraint

The perhaps accidental revelation of Matthew Barney: No Restraint is that the artist comes off as a bit of a dunce…

The Public Speaks

Danielle Freakley‘s work for the recently completed Next Wave Festival was a project called Dear Art Don’t Touch Me. Visitors to the National Gallery of Victoria could hire iPods and take a walk through the galleries to hear wild and

Roadrunner Once, Roadrunner Twice

Todd McMillan, Back In Your Life [2007], from YouTube

Shit Hot or Not

Shit Hot or Not

Reviews Jul 17, 2007

The recent exhibition of new work by Halinka Orszulok and Rachel Scott at MOP was shit hot. While not curated as a joint show, these concurrent exhibitions both utilised suburbia as a literal and metaphorical site for investigating what is