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Danielle Freakley‘s work for the recently completed Next Wave Festival was a project called Dear Art Don’t Touch Me. Visitors to the National Gallery of Victoria could hire iPods and take a walk through the galleries to hear wild and fanciful stories behind the pictures. For those who couldn’t make it to the gallery during Next Wave cheer up because, as Freakley writes, you can download an MP3 of the audio tour from the Dear Art website:

“Yep… it’s not over yet. The audio tour is still on and available.

“You are invited to hear Dear Art, Please Touch Me a show at the National Gallery of Victoria by Danielle Freakley with Elizabeth McGechie.

“The NGV ipod hire has finished with the end of the Next Wave festival. However do not fear because you can either hear the audio tour online or download the podcast to your mp3 device to hear in the gallery before July 6th.

“The podcast downloads and online tour are all available at:
Dear Art Don’t Touch Me So feel free to have a squiz.”

Andrew Frost

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