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And the winner is…

Our call for suggestions for influential and important exhibitions brought in some interesting suggestions. The call was in two parts – you could either vote in the poll at the right of the Art Life home page, or, if you

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Art Life readers say: call the cops!

If an artist has their work stolen they are entitled to: The full weight of the law to regain their rightful property 46% 69 Be cool if their work was stolen by another artist 14% 21 Act like a d@#k

You really don’t like video art do you?

Under my direction the Art Gallery of NSW will: Have many more contemporary art exhibitions 20% 33 Coast along until my forced early retirement 6% 10 Require school groups to be tethered 13% 21 Get rid of video art once

This just in:

This just in:

Art Life May 12, 2009

  The MCA’s exhibition ‘I Walk The Line’ is…  Very good indeed 33% 46 If that’s drawing I’m giving up on my 2B 4% 6 Not a patch on the Kusama show 7% 9 About freaking time 9% 12 One

Official: Edmund’s Gotta Go

Our three recent polls have been running as a rotating poll – that is, whenever you refresh the Art Life page you get a new poll… Magic! Here are the results of democracy in action: It’s time for a new

Unexpected Reason

Some artists aren’t as successful as others because… There’s a conspiracy to keep them out 7% 12 Some art is more popular and who knows why 13% 24 The art world is driven by slogans and brands 8% 15 Thems

Fear Me, Love Me

Fear Me, Love Me

Art Life Feb 02, 2009

  In 2009… People will respect the majesty of my creativity 31% 32 I’ll get organasized 15% 16 I will definitely go to the Festival du Sidney 3% 3 I’m going to visit that artist-run gallery for sure 13% 13

That was the year that was…

I’ll remember 2008 as the year… I liked a Biennale of Sydney 14% 18 When I thought spending big bucks on art was a good idea 8% 10 When I finally swore off getting pissed at openings 10% 13 I

A Victory for Democracy

We thought our last poll was hotly contested but nothing quite prepared us for the intensity of voting this time around. Like the well-oiled and highly disciplined Labor Party machine The Australian Centre for Photography won a decisive victory in

Gettin Ill Like Heather Mills

Shock poll shock! Once again the proposition that reader’s comments should be moderated has been soundly defeated and so it’s up to you to be well behaved and sensible: Poll: Art Life comments should be moderated Yes 41% (58)No 59%(83)