That was the year that was…

Art Life Jan 06, 2009 No Comments

I’ll remember 2008 as the year…

I liked a Biennale of Sydney 14% 18

When I thought spending big bucks on art was a good idea 8% 10

When I finally swore off getting pissed at openings 10% 13

I wasn’t asked to curate Primavera 8% 10

I am a robot 5% 6

I realised it wasn’t all about me, or you 8% 10

I realised I liked all the attention of having a solo show 3% 4

When I came to respect the work of curators 4% 5

I didn’t read a single SMH art review 30% 39

Renny Kodgers looked deep into my eyes 13% 17

132 votes total

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