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Illuminations: Video Music

Curated by Matthew Hopkins, Video Music explores the complex nature of sound and image in contemporary art through a range of screen based, projected, sculptural, and interactive works.

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New Work Friday #122

The 24 Hours Series examines the act of creating by restricting a creative act to a 24-hour period.

Against Day

Dani Marti’s Against Day finds something in the ruins of Tarcoola…

Tony Ousler: Sculpture

It’s been said that Tony Oursler “freed video from the tyranny of the monitor” and his work explore ideas with the medium of video but without being restricted to the traditional ‘frame’ or screen.

Them Listless Folk

Sharne Wolff encounters the strange tale of Waterface in Laith McGregor’s latest solo show…

New Work Friday #68

Dream Job by David M Thomas is a poignant and pretty funny confessional ‘stage set’, sometimes slightly awkward, and ultimately an incomplete view of the artist.