Rock and Roll Could Never Hip Hop Like This

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We want to put this on the record – we have nothing but warm and friendly feelings towards Mary Lou Pavlovic, her gallery and her attempts to promote artists and pundits like rock stars. Her tour of Matthew Collings was a welcome appearance for the writer and TV presenter guy and a nice change from the usual British refugees who make it to Australia.

Still, we were a little perplexed to find out that Jake Chapman was being touted around for pre-tour interviews. According to Goldsmiths College alumni, it’s Jake who is the brains behind the operation and is reportedly the best public speaker, leaving brother Dinos back in Blighty to take care of business. But Jake without Dinos is like Kruder without Dorfmeister or Sly without Robby. It’s all part of the act that is the Chapman Brothers Touring Band.

PavModern, Pavlovic’s gallery, has joined forces with Modular (her brother Steve’s record company and home to The Avalanches (among others)) to take Chapman on an Australian tour.

We were disconcerted to learn that Pavlovic had booked Chapman not for the two, modest personal appearances that Collings had done on his Australia 2002 tour, but four shows, two in Melbourne and one each in Sydney and Brisbane. While the Sydney show is scheduled for the “intimate” (778 seat) York Theatre (site of the recent Tracey Emin ‘performance’), Pavlovic had Chapman making two appearances at Melbourne’s Capitol Theatre, seating capacity 644. Two shows, 1,288 people?

So it is with some sadness that we report the following:

PavModern and Modular people regret to advise that the Jake Chapman lecture scheduled for 18th March 2004 (at the Capitol Theatre Melbourne) has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The planned lecture for the 19th March 2004 will proceed.

Tickets purchased for 18th March 2004 can be exchanged for 19th March 2004 or refunded in full at point of purchase.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Oh well. Let’s hope we can still get some Chapman Brothers T-shirts.

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