R.I.P. Art Life Mail Outs

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We have to admit it – it didn’t work, we messed up and now we’re sorry.

We’re talking about the venerable Art Life mail outs we’ve been sending to subscribers since we launched in 2004. A year ago our relationship with Hotmail hit a rocky patch and after dozens of emails between Art Life HQ and Hotmail HQ in Hyderabad, we moved the whole operation over to Gmail. Unfortunately it then turned out that one giant heartless email provider was much like another giant heartless email provider. We discovered that no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t send more than 100 emails a day with the mighty Google-owned behemoth. Although we’ve had hundreds of new subscribers submitting their names and addresses we couldn’t service the readership.

Until now! Introducing the Art Life Feedburner Subscription email list. This is how it works. Enter your email address into the Email Subscription box at right [just under the poll and Recent Posts] and hit Subscribe. You’ll then be asked to type in a verification code. An email will be sent to your email address. Open the email, click on the link… and that’s it. Each morning, between 9am and 11am Sydney time you’ll receive notification of any new posts and even better, if you are set up to read HTML, the email will even carry links, pics and other blog goodness.

“Wait a minute,” you ask, “Does this mean I have to re-enter my email address even though I’ve been subscribed since March 2004?” Unfortunately it does, but look on the bright side, at least you WILL get emails now.

For the more tech savvy reader, we’re also offering an RSS Feed. If you know what an RSS feed is, then we don’t have to explain how to use it. If you don’t know, maybe you should, because then you could get Art Life updates on your mobile phone.

What a modern world we live in.

The Art Life

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