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Earlier this year, in his native Australia, because of a show of big, shadowy photographs of very young adolescents, Henson was threatened with charges of child pornography, which were subsequently dropped. A number of images from that same body of work are here, along with a selection of similar photographs going back to 1998, and one wonders what the fuss was about. Like so many of Henson’s subjects, the young girl in his most recent pictures is prepubescent and, even when topless, appears androgynous. She stands alone, in deep shadow, her skin rosy and translucent, like a cross between flesh and alabaster. A group of nighttime landscapes only underline the mood of free-floating dread and ennui. Through Nov. 15. (Miller, 524 W. 26th St. 212-366-4774.)

From The New Yorker

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