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Music May 29, 2009 No Comments


H I G H R E F L E C T I O N S #2


8pm Saturday 30th May
Serial Space
33 Wellington St

Seaworthy is known for his wonderfully fragile guitar, field recordings and electronics. His performances are captivating and highly prized. Seaworthy’s latest release on the American 12K label is described as stark and melancholic – Serial Space and High Reflections will be a great place to experience this performance.

Kusum is currently studying in Melbourne, and recently carried out a four city tour of Japan where she performed her developing extreme vocal style. Recently described as being massaged while punched in the stomach, this performance should not be missed (don’t blink).

Onani are Daryl Prondoso and Nic Warnock who after playing around with a tonal/drone style decided they just wanted to play some caveman shit. Influenced by Chrome, Hawkwind, Brainbombs, Throbbing Gristle and Prince, Onani play heavy psych guitar, blown-out synth over chopped and screwed rhythmic loops.

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