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“Hi – Thought I’d share some hilarious comments about our current show from some people who’ll probably never have the benefit of seeing it in the flesh. They were reacting to Raquel Welch‘s I HATE YOUR GUTS!, a series based on the life and times of alleged funny man Robin Williams. Each portrait depicts a different film character played by this excruciatingly annoying comic. It intends on making the audience understand just how much she loathes Robin McLaurim Williams…”

Pop reader Luke G. heard about an upcoming art exhibition in Sydney, Australia, and he thought it sounded so awesome some of you may want to purchase a plane ticket: “It’s a series of (authentically hairy) portraits of Robin Williams — done in tapestry,” he says. On July 3, the Black & Blue gallery debuts “I Hate Your Guts!,” a series of Williams-inspired work by Raquel Welch. (Yes, the artist’s name really is Raquel Welch.)


“Whitney, why the hell would anyone in his right mind want to go see an exhibition by some anonymous Australian be-atch dishonoring one of America’s greatest cultural icons? What foreigners like “Raquel Welch” don’t understand is that when you disparage one of our finest entertainers, you also disparage all who respect and admire him. I happen to have had the honor of being present at a Robin Williams USO show for America’s troops in Iraq not long ago and I can assure you that he was welcomed with open arms and shown great appreciation for putting himself out like that. There aren’t many entertainers who have the guts, the generosity, or the magnanimous, selfless spirit to do what he did. Until this Aussie dingbat puts her a$$ on the line to entertain our troops and issues an apology to America and Robin Williams, I’ll continue to consider her lower than a snake’s belly. She knows where she can stuff her art (and her Dork magazines). PS: The only thing awesome in this story is the talent of Robin Williams.”

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