Farewell 18th Street

Exhibitions , News May 16, 2010 1 Comment

Final Celebration of two decades of Australian Artists at 18th Street Arts Center Los Angeles.

As this current residency will now be the last Australia Council for the Arts program at 18th Street Arts Center, we are having a final celebration for all past residents and collaborators involved with the Australian studio. Come and celebrate the end of an era with an exhibition from past artists and party in Studio 5.
This is a great opportunity to honor and reinforce the connections that have been forged between Australian Artists and Los Angeles.

19 years of over 50 Australian Artists on residency at 18th Street Arts Center

Saturday 22 May 2010
6pm – LATE
Studio 5, 1639 18th Street
Santa Monica CA 90404

Look forward to seeing you here!

Past Australian Artist Residents at 18th Street:

Barbara Campbell, Bonita Ely, Christopher Koller, Hany Armanious, Adam Boyd, Ross Harley, Pierre Cavalan, Lee Paterson, Bruce Reynolds, Gail Hastings, Kathryn Smith, Annette Douglass, Jonathan Nichols, Virginia Kaiser, Fiona Fell, Bryce Ritchie, Kieran Kinney, Sione Francis, Jane Trengove, Jane Polkinghorne, Christopher Dean, Michael Lindeman, James Lynch, Louisa Burfardeci, Jurek Wybraniec
Alexander Knox, Beata Geyer, Lesley Giovanelli, Fiona Macdonald, Doninic Redfern, Darren Wardle, Jemima Wyman, Heidi Wood, Jon Tarry, Blair Trethowan, Lane Cormick, Stuart Bailey, Neal Smith, Brendan Lee, Stephen Haley, Lindy Lee, Starlie Geikie, Grant Stevens, Therese Ritchie, Antony Hamilton, Kieran Boland, Ian Haig, Peter Atkins, James Newitt, Anthony Johnson , Paul Adair, Matt Hinkley, David Keating, David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton & Chris Fox

Andrew Frost