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7th July – 24th July 2011
opening Thursday 07.07.2011 6 – 8 pm

GALLERY 1 Used Future

Jai McKenzie

Used Future is a new sculptural installation by Sydney artist Jai McKenzie. The exhibition features work that has emerged from her ongoing research into unbuilt architecture of the mid 20th Century.
McKenzie presents sculptural re-arrangements of past architectural forms by fragmenting and repositioning them within the present to activate new meanings and create shifting associations in an ongoing negotiation between what exists and what might exist. Influenced by minimalist and conceptual practices the forms prevalent in Used Future are only partially present. McKenzie refers to them as ‘open forms’ as they are designed to be frameworks for the interpretation and creation of many possible meanings.
Space and time extends beyond the physical and visual aspects of the sculptures into a past and present of the viewers making, and through this act the viewer becomes an integral participant in the movement of space and time within the work. In this way Used Future is part of an ongoing process of simultaneously realising something while signalling it absence and potentiality.

Image: Jai McKenzie, Untitled, 2011
Photocollage 200 x 258mm.


Gary Carsley

Gary Carsley has developed a distinctive practice that involves making art, writing about art and teaching art. He cites positions in sub-cultural performance such as drag, karaoke and cosplay, not as actions but as liberation strategies and rhetorical structures. He argues that possibly one way to understand Australian Art since The Field exhibition is by reference to the Stockholm Syndrome and that passing, in the sociological sense is this country’s dominant curatorial mode.

Gary is a Capricorn Monkey, which possibly explains the conflation of the conceptual and baroque in his work and lives modestly with his partner in Elizabeth Bay. They have no pets and a small garden, the latter he submits as evidence of his long-term engagement with sites of convergence in nature and culture. An important but relatively unknown fact about Gary is the high regard he holds for theorising around the collapse of time and space at the core of much Science Fiction and how this may be linked through Garden theory, particularly that from China to new ways of representation.

Image: Gary Carsley, D.95 detail Panels 9-14 (Lambda Monoprint and IKEA Gilbert Chair) 2009 ongoing. 238 x endless. Courtesy BREENSPACE Sydney, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam, Thatcher Projects, New York and Galerie Sabine Schmidt, Cologne.

GALLERY 3 Twisted Logic

Kate Williams

Kate Louise Williams’s works are part of an ongoing inquiry into the quandary of perception, of how we see and what we see and why we see what we see. A series of folded triangles in mirrored stainless steel reflect and enfold the space and the participant. The incorporation of fractured reflections, far from being accidental, emphasise the boundary-less nature of the work – its openness and incompleteness. The key lies in the looking outward and inward at the same moment; at our own reflection from many angles and at our surroundings, broken and recombined together; at a modernist past and a dislocated present; at an instant where both tenses exist simultaneously.

Kate Louise Williams is a Sydney based artist. She is currently completing her Honours at Sydney College of the Arts in Painting. This year Kate has had a solo show, Slipping Forwards Moving Backwards, at Peloton, and participated in group exhibitions at Paper Plane Gallery Rozelle (Shaped), Project Contemporary Artspace Wollongong (Perplexed) and Dead Space at SCA. In the past four years Kate has exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne working across sculpture, installation and painting.

Image: Kate Louise Williams, Twisted Logic, 2011,
1500mm x 800mm, mirrored stainless steel

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