Hold your EFTPOS machine to the sky

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From Sharne Wolff

In the 21st century we rely on our technology to run smoothly. But it doesn’t always happen that way. When artist Josie Cavallaro’s recently went to make a purchase with her EFTPOS card, a shop assistant advised that due to bad weather the transaction couldn’t be processed until she stepped outside with the machine and held it up to the sky. As a careful observer of human behaviour Cavallero appreciated the strange theatre and thus Hold your EFTPOS machine to the sky was born.

Cavallaro’s show comprises several sculptural works with titles drawn from the snippets of overheard conversations such as ‘I think I found a hot spot’ and ‘I am going into a tunnel I am going to lose u’. The artist examines the accidental drama found in everyday digital disruptions caused by weather or built surroundings. Like many developments designed to improve society, technology has its frustrations. On one hand Cavallaro considers the uncertainties of so-called progress and the frustrations of being let down while on the other Cavallero has discovered the possibilities for brand new forms of social interaction.

Firstdraft Gallery, Surry Hills.
Until 20 October 2012
Pic: Josie Cavallaro, Study for ‘Hold your EFTPOS machine to the sky, 2012’. Courtesy the artist and Firstdraft Gallery.

Sharne Wolff

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