Phantom Limb | Tree Changer’s

Exhibitions Feb 27, 2012 2 Comments

Matthys Gerber: Phantom Limb. 7-31 March.

Merric Brettle: Tree Changer’s

Opening Reception Sat March 10 2-5pm

79 Stephenson Street
Cremorne 3121 VIC
AustraliaTel: +61 3 9429
Opening Hours:
Tuesday via appointments only.
Wednesday – Friday 11—5pm.
Saturday 11—4pm
Sunday 12—4pm

Andrew Frost


  1. neddy'sontoit

    Revealing shot of total wanker dispenses with need for review.

    The Emperor truly has no clothes!

    Meanwhile Fukuyama is beavering away on his new tome, “The End of Art”.

    Trust he’ll get his apostrophe’s’ sorted.

    See you at the closing. Wear sensible shoes.

  2. Joshua Duncan

    In response to Neddy, Matthys is fully capable of painting in a highly detailed realistic style, as his black painting of Evander Hollyfield proves. Maybe instead of declaring the end of art and the emperor having no clothes, you should get an understanding of the variety of techniques the artist is capable of before assuming the worst.

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