Experimental Audio Research | Untitled #1

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“Experimental Audio Research was formed in 1990 by Sonic Boom as a solo and collaborative ensemble in order to pursue the more experimental work he had contributed to Spacemen 3 since the 1980s. The project revolves around two separate yet overlapping areas – studio recording and live performance, both environments being treated as complimentary but different sides of the same coin. EAR’s main ethos, embodied in their acronymous name, is one of necessary experimentation. They create a space where any sound or texture, technique or emotion is treated as a possible contribution to the piece(s) in hand. The same applies to the interaction of the performers improvisation and integration are left open, until what feels like the right moment, all the while keeping an eye on the whole, and avoiding a forum where concept overtakes content…” Sonic Boon.

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Andrew Frost

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