The Other Side of Midnight

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From Sharne Wolff

The Other Side of Midnight is both the title for Zadoc Ben-David’s new exhibition at Annandale Galleries and that of the show’s piece de resistance. A giant three metre circular installation appears to float in mid air while suspended from the Gallery’s ceiling. It’s comprised of hundreds of tiny hand-painted stainless steel ‘butterfly men’ lit by UV light. The brilliantly coloured steel lace is a metamorphosis of man and nature perhaps best represented by the Greek word for ‘psyche’, which means both ‘soul’ and ‘butterfly’. The illusion of beauty is, however, shattered by a dark underside of crawling beetles, cockroaches and insects. What is the relationship between man and nature? Why do humans see themselves as distinct from plants and animals? Why do we think of butterflies, as beautiful creatures while cockroaches are considered repulsive? This enchanting piece poses numerous questions…

QT_April 12_Other Side of Midnight

Ben-David is an Israeli artist who lives in London – this exhibition was first shown there earlier in the year and has been brought to Sydney for his sixth show with Annandale Galleries. The remainder of the display includes a number of Ben-David’s large painted aluminium sculptures created in the shape of spheres, columns, flowering plants and human figures composed of the smaller cut out forms of insects and butterflies.

Until May 11
Annandale Galleries, Annandale.
Pic: Zadok Ben-David, The Other Side of Midnight, 2013 hand painted stainless steel under UV light, 300 cm diameter (Photo: Annandale Galleries). Courtesy the artist and Annandale Galleries.

Sharne Wolff

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