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From Andrew Frost

Something that is axiomatic is something that is self-evidently true. Taking Axiom as the title for his latest solo show at Martin Browne Contemporary, Michael Cusack proposes that in the self-contained world of his paintings truth is established, that it’s without question or troubling uncertainty. And in one regard at least this is true: Cusack’s painting are hermetically pure, a finely balanced combination of gestural elements that hang in a white space of judicious over-painting that in confuses the eye’s ability to interpret what is foreground and what’s background. It’s a formula for making images that Cusack has explored for some years now and in their absolute purity that are unassailable.

QT_April 11_Axiom

The titles of individual paintings cite artists whose work supports and perhaps inspires Cusack’s own art – [Jean] Arp’s organic sculptures, [Alexander] Calder’s metal forms, and [Ferdinand] Leger’s constructions. A few jokers in the pack like [Saul] Steinberg suggest that not everything is so contained in the abstracted realm of Cusack’s coloured clouds and white storms, a degree of self regard, and even doubt might just be creeping into the axiomatic universe.

Until April 27
Martin Browne Contemporary, Paddington
Pic: Michael Cusack ?Steinberg, 2014 ?Mixed media on linen ?90 x 120 cm.

Andrew Frost

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  1. nadine

    They are also a distillation of intense physicality, seen in the strong brushwork and repeated layering, sanding back and re layering, into pools of stillness and containment.

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