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From Andrew Frost

Staged in ‘The Cube’ – the living breathing heart of the Oxford Art Factory – the Free Fall program was the brainchild of artist John A. Douglas who wanted to bring glamour and excitement and credible performance back to the nightclub context. After a few years of successful programs, Douglas has given temporarily over the curating of the Cube to the handsomely bearded Cementa co-director Alex Wisser.  Using the performance space as venue to “…explore the social as a medium for making art…” Wisser has invited a group of performance artists to come and make scene.

QT_July 4_Free Fall

After a successful launch to the series with Tom Isaacs For Those Who Come Across The Sea in late June, Wisser himself takes to the cube on July 5 with A Night Out where he will attempt to redefine the idea of “going out by locking himself inside the cube with a pitcher of gin and several computers to keep in touch with the outside world via social media. Grupa Futurek perform on July 11 and 12 with Your Mother Is A Whore that marries more drinking, group ennui and “dance fighting” in the setting of a Polish bar.

The program continues to the end of the month with Sarah Goffman [July 18 & 19], Release the Peacock [July 25 & 26] and Alan Schacher [July 27 & 28].

Until July 28
Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst
Pic: Alex Wisser, A Night Out, 2014.

Andrew Frost

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