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From Sharne Wolff

Featuring the latest in his series of self-fulfilling prophecies, Will French‘s exhibition Uno Momento is currently on display. As always, French walks a thought provocative line between pathos and self-deprecatory humour.

set of sky TWNL

THIS WILL NEVER LAST (sky) is a series of photographs that document a recent performance appearing in Sydney city skies: on a spring night in late September, French organised for a plane to write this same phrase across the sky in words half a kilometre long. Letter by letter, word by word the message appeared with LAST finally appearing just in time before THIS disappeared. Referencing the human sentiment of memento mori or, if you like, ‘remember you will die’, French’s captured moment touches ever so gently on the artist’s place in history and the fragility of the environment.

Australia’s relative safety and cultural comfort is emphasised in an image where the message appears above Sydney Harbour’s two famous icons, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Furthering his meditation on our limited time on earth, Please Turn Over, Please is a dark terrazzo and brass headstone depicting the letters ‘PTO’. French’s work has often explored various means of communication and here someone speaking from the grave has completely run out of time. Perhaps French’s simple sentiment suggests every moment is precious.

Until November 15
Chalkhorse Gallery, Darlinghurst
Pic: Will French, THIS WILL NEVER LAST (sky) 2014, Documentation of a Performance 22/09/2014, Archival inkjet prints on 100% Cotton Rag, 110 x 80cm, Edition of 5 + 2AP Courtesy the artist and Chalkhorse Gallery.

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