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From Sharne Wolff

IMG_3887 Barkley

Whether due to its renaissance, revival or re-evaluation, the hype surrounding ceramics this year is already being felt. Featuring the work of five artists – Kati Watson, Brett Stone, Eloise Rankine, Glenn Barkley and New York based, Donna GreenClay 2 is the second Utopia exhibition to focus on the art form after the original Clay, a tribute to the late Marea Gazzard held in early 2014.

While the contemporary works in Clay 2 target form over function, both Kati Watson’s beautifully-made, earthy clay pieces and Brett Stone’s elegantly simple stoneware could equally be utilised in everyday situations. On the other hand, the framing of Eloise Rankine’s otherwise functional porcelain vessels means they’re now the occupiers of individual ‘rooms’. Created from MDF, house paint and fabric (employed as wallpaper) her works are transformed into sculptures. With titles such as Large Extruding Love Cup and Post post internet cactus pot, Glenn Barkley’s creations playfully explore the possibilities of clay while advocating the 21st century benefits of getting physical with the medium. Similarly, Donna Green’s voluptuously shaped, highly glazed pots – some of which appear to sway between the abstract and the figurative – convey a real sense of the artist’s involvement.


Until February 21
Utopia Art Sydney, Waterloo
Pic: Glenn Barkley, Moon pot, 2014-15, clay, 34 x 29 x 11cm; Albarello with plant forms, 2014-15, clay, 30 x 13 x 13cm; Moon pot with rocks, 2014-15, clay, 24 x 23 x 13cm. Courtesy the artist and Utopia Art Sydney.

Sharne Wolff

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