Crystal Romeo

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From Sharne Wolff</em>…

Described as “a glitter-infused clash of high and low culture”, Crystal Romeo is an exhibition by Sydney artist Técha Noble – perhaps better known for her role as founding member of avant-garde performance group, The Kingpins. Noble’s solo practice focuses on issues of gender, body and personal identity and this display traverses a range of media that includes video, performance documentation, printmaking and costume.

Casey Legler study [1]

In the recent past Noble has collaborated with pop figures from Kanye West and Sia to Sydney designers Romance was Born. Here she’s worked with visiting French ex-swimming champion, Casey Legler, frequently described in the media as “the world’s first female male model” to explore perceived notions of gender. Appropriating some techniques from intriguing eighteenth century photographer Eadward Muybridge, Noble has filmed and manipulated the body and movements of Legler’s stunning 185cm frame for her video, Casey Legler Study.

On a slightly different tack, several of Noble’s other works focus on the output of well-known Australian artist Norman Lindsay. Finding a “high camp aesthetic” in Norman’s oeuvre of the female ideal depicted in mythical landscapes, Noble advances an alternative reading. By playfully camping up ideas of the accepted aesthetic she challenges established concepts of beauty and taste.


Until April 2
UTS Gallery, Ultimo
Pic: Técha Noble in collaboration with Jordan Graham, Casey Legler Study 2015, video still. Courtesy the artist and UTS Gallery.

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