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Modernism Monday #33

Frances Hodgkins, Still life: self-portrait, circa 1935. New Zealand.

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Modernism Monday #31

“In 1966, IBM awarded John Whitney its first “artist in residence” status to “explore the aesthetic potentials of computer graphics”. The film, or rather collection of analog effects entitled” “Catalog” was completed in 1961, a 7 minute, full color exploration of visual effects set to the music of Ornette Coleman.”

Postal de Mejico: Chichen Itza Top Seven

“Seven reasons why Chichen Itza – one of the largest pre-Hispanic Mayan cities in Mexico (455-967 AD or CE if you are PC) – is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World…”

Modernism Monday #30

Charles Tole, Quarry Buildings, 1967. New Zealand.

Modernism Monday #29

Birger Carlstedt, Composition in Green, c. 1950’s. Finland.

Modernism Monday #28

Holiday Home for Writers, 1965-69, Sevan Lake, Armenia.

New Work Friday #239

“The history of art is in my work.”

New York Postcard: Massage Masters

It’s not easy to be bad when you are actually good.

Modernism Monday #27

Sam Vanni, Composition, 1957.

New Work Friday #238

The fragility of the failing world…