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Interview: Ian Haig’s ‘Foaming Node’

“The human body, technology, transformation, mutation, cannibalism, the discovery of a new human organ…” 

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Modernism Monday #22

Frank Hinder, Tram Kaleidoscope, 1948

Modernism Monday #21

“Symbolic and poetic, it is a pivotal work in the development of an electronic language to articulate three-dimensional space.”

Tunes for Tuesday: Channel Music

I put Wii Music Over Trump’s Awkward Handshakes

Modernism Monday #20

Edward Baird, Unidentified Aircraft (over Montrose), 1942.

New York Postcard: The Living Dead

I’m not out to bury the dead; let them live, I say.

Modernism Monday #19

Bernard Segal, Blue Arc, 1967. USA.

Modernism Monday #18

A.G. Gomez, Modernist Painting, 1977. Mexico.

Tunes for Tuesday: Magnesite Norway

Magnesite Norway

Modernism Monday #17

Lee Jung-sup, White Bull, 1954