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Farewells, contemporary luxury, diseased roses, and other absurdities…
Check up from the neck up

Venice Biennale BOGOF; Gillard portrait; bobby dazzler Darren Sylvester; GOFFERS at MAMA; art by women at market; Abramovic parody; Kenny PITTOCK; video art mansion; Crooked Cosmos; assorted links; the weather in your area…

Introducing Friday Degustation

Quilty reviews, things you can’t talk about, museums art and money, urban exploration in HK, walk thru Van Gogh, wombats, Damien Hirst’s masterpiece …

New York Postcard: Takeover Culture

If you spent more than five minutes in New York, you’d be forgiven for thinking ‘takeout’ is the city’s word du jour, however, observing the zeitgeist makes me wonder if ‘takeover’ is on its way to usurp the title.

The Power Trip 2019

Read it and weep!


Because we can.

Vale Virginia Wilson 1966-2018

It’s with great sadness that I note the passing of a good friend, Virginia Wilson.

New York Postcard: Old Skool New School

An air of cynicism permeates everything …

Forever Young: Three Chinese Artists in Manhattan

The famous koan, ‘one hand clapping’, says the Guggenheim, is a metaphor for how meaning is destabilised in a globalised world.

Imposed Inconvenience: Who’s Afraid of Public Art?

Public art ‘…uncomfortably presents us with our own specific place, our own subject position relative to other, often competing positions within the public space it inhabits.’