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Bogan Proof Fence

Din Heagney gets between the covers of artist Brendan Lee’s debut novel…

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Holding a Thread

Holding a Thread

Books Sep 17, 2010

Din Heagney takes a tour through the rich pages of Holding A Thread, a new book on the work of Benjamin Armstrong…

Art Life @PechaKucha: The man in the high castle

The Art Life’s editor Andrew Frost was invited to take part in a PechaKucha nite hosted by Super Deluxe at Artspace. With a brief that stated “talk about anything you like” Frost spoke on the work of author Philip K. Dick and the recurring themes that spread from his novels, into Hollywood movies, and then into mainstream culture…

Spaces of experience

Charlotte Klonk’s Spaces of Experience examines the evolution of the art gallery interior from the dense hang of the 17th century salon through to today’s bespoke architect-designed gallery spaces such as the Guggenheim Bilbao and Tate Britain. She spoke to Andrew Frost about the current state of museology, the presence of new media in spaces designed for paintings and the inescapable presence of the wall text…

Milton Moon

Milton Moon

Books Mar 07, 2010

At 84 years old, Milton Moon has written a memoir…

The mind and the times

Reg Mombassa is probably one of the most well known and influential artists in the country – and a dab hand a slow blues solo too. Now Murray Waldren has written a very long book about him.