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Godspeed! You Black Emperor | Static

Godspeed You! Black Emperor!

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Run DMC | Christmas in Hollis

The rhymes you hear are the rhymes of Darryl’s – but each and every year we bust Christmas carols!

Quantic | Infinite Regression


Kenneth Kirschner | January 21, 2009

Composer Kenneth Kirschner was born in 1970 and lives in New York City…

Oren Ambarchi | Sagittarian Domain

Sagittarian Domain displaces Ambarchi’s trademark guitar sound from the centre of the mix, its presence felt only as an occasional ghostly reverberated shimmer.

Steve Reich | Come Out

I had to, like, open the bruise up, and let some of the bruise blood come out to show them…

Raymond Scott Quintette | Powerhouse [Live]

Powerhouse A, Powerhouse B.

Yo La Tengo | Nuclear War [NSFW]

If they push that button/ Yo ass gotta go.

Atoms for Peace | Default [Live]

I made my bed.

The Focus Group | SPOLK

What if Paul McCartney had made records with the Radiophonic Workshop?