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Zai Jian!

Thirty minutes drive from the Forbidden Palace and its monolithic nemesis The Great Hall of The People, sprawls an altogether different marking point of Chinese cultural change – 798 Factory in the Beijing district of Dashanzi. A vast, almost-former, manufacturing

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Bad Can Be Good Good Also Or Bad

The reader known as Undiscovered got us a good one, to wit: The real register of the Art Life reviews is in the quality of the writing. If the writing is really good, then the show is suitably good/bad. You

Jazz Is Cool You Crazy Fool

Last year we expressed the sincere wish that The Art Life could have it’s own band in the grand tradition of bona fide art movements aligning themselves with cool groups. We were thinking perhaps of the Prague Spring and the

Poll Shock: Emerging To Mean Whatever

An emerging artist is somone who… Is represented by a commercial gallery 16% (24) Has won major art prizes 1% (1) Exhibits extensively in artist run galleries 5% (8) Has been included in major museum shows 1% (1) Has a

Making Money in the Art Market: 10 Easy Steps

If you’ve been thinking of getting into the auction market but didn’t know where to start, The Art Life’s fool-proof ten point plan can double your money in 12 months or your money back – and that’s a guarantee!* Check

What New?

What New?

Uncategorized May 04, 2006

What exactly is an “emerging artist”? Most people would think that the term relates to artists who are just starting out – emerging from obscurity into the light of recognition – perhaps people who’ve just graduated from art school and

Hail Atlantis!

At 4A mid week and the gallery is deserted. [We notice that next door is a shop called, incredibly, Gizz Spot.] There is a palpable gloom about the place and as we wander around it feels like a rainy day

Space Odyssey

In Paul Knight’s show Don’t be Something Strong at the Australian Centre for Photography the thrill is that there is in fact less than what you see, the images working a kind of sepulchural magic on the viewer, then slowly

New York London Paris Munich

ian milliss the invisible artist You are invited to the opening on Wednesday, 10 May 6-8 pm atMacquarie University Gallery Ian Milliss is often categorised as an early conceptual artist, but this is a term he refutes. Always political and

A Very Special Day

Celebrate young pioneers of art!