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The Power Trip 2020

This isn’t just the art world that we want, it’s the art world we deserve.

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Modernism Monday #32

Grace Crowley, Abstract Painting, 1950. Australia.

People Like Us

An exhibition that charts the scale of humanity: the physical, spiritual and emotional variety of our species, to demonstrate that there is no-one like you.

The Source

The Source

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2013

Somehow the single natural resource that should be free to all becomes a life style accoutrement that is killing the planet.

Tweets of the Week from 2010-05-02

David Lynch on creativity and art making: # Will Banksy get a nod for the Turner Prize this year? # Call for a boycott of Sculpture by the Sea: – but not on artistic grounds # Big

Connect The Dots

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the Biennale of Sydney opened but already it feels as exciting as last week’s milk. Which is to say, not very exciting at all, not very interesting and possibly a bit stinky.

Heavyweight Champions

Geoffery Newton, Cullen V Watkins. Coloured pencil on paper, 2005. Courtesy of the artist and neon parc, melbourne. WHAT: picture this: selected works from ANU School of Art’s 2000-6 painting alumni show WHEN: NOW Closes Sat 8 July 2006 WHERE:

Helping Us To Help You To Help Yourself

Last week, out of the blue, just like that, you wouldn’t credit it, can you adam and eve it, TEAM Art Life received a generous donation from a mysterious Canberra-based benefactor. Thank you sir/madam! The donation will go towards funding

Art Life Fantasy World Cup Comp!

To celebrate Australia’s progression into Round 2 of the World Cup, we’re pleased to announce The Art Life Fantasy World Cup Competition! We’re offering a lucky reader a special, never-to-be-repeated PRIZE PACK that includes DVDs, magazines and an attractive tote

Space Science

Michelle Outram, Not the sound bite, 2006.Courtesy the artist and Terminus Projects.Photography: Jamie North Should artists be seen and not heard? Or should they be put in a glass booth for our inspection? This latter option is now possible thanks