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September 14, 2015

An exhibition that charts the scale of humanity: the physical, spiritual and emotional variety of our species, to demonstrate that there is no-one like you.

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The Source

Somehow the single natural resource that should be free to all becomes a life style accoutrement that is killing the planet.

The World Game: Fantasy World Cup Comp!

The response to our Fantasy World Cup Competition was terrific. We had a lot of inventive suggestions for football teams of artists, critics and assorted other art world people in various provocative and litigious arrangements. Many of the teams made no reference to art or artists and gave scant regard to the fact that most […]

Connect The Dots

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the Biennale of Sydney opened but already it feels as exciting as last week’s milk. Which is to say, not very exciting at all, not very interesting and possibly a bit stinky. BOS 2006 is a curious success and also a strange kind of failure. Dr. Merewether’s […]

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