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Well Fancy That #14

“The Dobell [Prize for Drawing], at the Art Gallery of NSW, is a good case study because it is one of the better prizes: it is well organised and motivated by good intentions. The idea of an acquisitive prize supporting

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Happy New Year 1999!

So here we are back from our holidays and although we expected everything to be the same, it’s different. Except that the difference is that it’s more of the same. The year is 1999, John Howard is your Prime Minister,

Don’t Go Changing

The problem with abstract art is that it’s difficult for critics to build up a long running relationship with it. Once an artist has settled on their style and the audience has assimilated what it is they’re supposed to know

The Gratuitous Caprice

Melbourne is a bit of a conundrum for us; we like to know that there is another entire city in Australia that you can visit for long weekends or shopping trips or perhaps to go and see the odd exhibition